Our Programs

REACH runs four days each week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am to 4pm. REACH employs qualified staff who possess experience working with exceptional young adults. This program is also supported by volunteers who enrich the lives of our participants by providing socialization within the program and within our community. Most participants register for two days per week but may register for one or four days, depending on their circumstances and availability of space in the program.

A snap shot of some our programs ….

Nutrition and Healthy Living

Welcome to the world of Healthy Living. This program teaches hands on skills required for cooking and baking. We also explore how to make healthy choices.

Music and Drama

Experienced drama and music teachers come in regularly to lead stimulating and fun workshops that enhance social skills as well as music and drama appreciation.

Art Attack!

Working in partnership with local artists we offer a variety of specialized art programs that include painting, jewelry making and crafts.

Managing my Money

This program explores a functional understanding of money (such as coin identification, paying for items, making change, understanding value, etc) as well as an awareness of budgeting and want vs need.

Conversation Cafe

Using naturally occurring conversations about interests, life experiences, local and global events, this program supports participates in developing critical communication skills. Participants enjoy outings to local cafes.

Fitness and Mindful Movement

This programs offers a wide variety of physical activities focused on strengthening core muscles and balance, enhancing agility, supporting gross and fine motor development. A few of the activities offered are floor hockey, dance, lawn bowling, hiking, and visits to our local YMCA.

Entrepreneurial Pathways

Creating entrepreneurial projects that engage the participants from the initial planning stages through to the marketing and selling of their product. We run a shredding project where participants go into local businesses and professional offices and shred their sensitive documents. Other entrepreneurial projects are making and selling unique wooden bee houses, and selling herbs that we grow and dry ourselves. Participants feel a sense of pride and accomplishment!

Community Connections

This program focuses on exploring the services and facilities that our community has to offer. Making positive contributions in and around the Owen Sound area. Currently we are making food once a month for Safe ‘n Sound to serve as part of their free lunch service to the community. Welcoming members of the community at large into our own REACH Community.