Where We Began …

The REACH Centre Grey/Bruce started the way many grassroots initiatives begin: with a conversation around someone’s kitchen table. A small group of parent leaders and community advocates explored their desire for something different for their adult children who experienced a variety of exceptionalities. Concepts like purposeful work, authentic friendships, ongoing educational opportunities, a place to celebrate individual strengths … all became part of the vision. 

In July 2014, a summer recreational program known as REP was initiated as a pilot project by this group. By the fall of 2014, the group had expanded to a board of directors and started to put in place a permanent program incorporating their hopes and vision.  In 2017, we became an accredited charity and we continue to raise the bar of abilities for our REACH Centre participants. 

Where We Are Today …

Currently we offer four full days of programs in our own facility in downtown Owen Sound. We serve over 50 youth and adults who experience a diversity of challenges and strengths. Participants travel from Southampton, Wiarton, Meaford, Port Elgin, Sauble Beach, Chatsworth and beyond.

Participants help to co-create stimulating and varied programming, suited to their individual interests and needs. On any given day, a great deal of laughter and joy can be heard echoing from our programs as we are collectively learning and expanding together. Please click on our Programs for more details.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead

The Team

At the REACH Centre Grey Bruce, we have a team of dedicated staff and volunteers that are committed to the success of all of our participants.  We have a collaborative approach to learning that is participant centric and focuses on skill aquisition to foster independence and self advocacy.

Jennifer Miller

Executive Director

Carolyn Haswell

Program Manager

Marc Matei

Program Facilitator

Robin Batchelor

Program Facilitator

Bailey Baldassari

Program Facilitator

Rebekah Hill

Program Facilitator

Annette Bishop

Store Manager/Craft Club Facilitator

REACH Centre Board Members:

    • Pauline Dantas, Chair
    • David Marshall, Treasurer
    • Kunal Bhise, Secretary
    • Rob Croft
    • Rosanne Gallinger
    • Nancy Power
    • Natalie Lychy
    • Kelly McManaman


    • We are passionate in our commitment to providing opportunities for youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities
    • We are respectful of the gifts that all people bring to the community
    • We believe in creating a safe, engaging and inclusive environment
    • We are committed to life-long learning, exploration and entrepreneurship
    • We embrace innovation and drive change
    • We build positive relationships and community spirit